Fisherman’s revenge

fisherman revenge

Well it’s Friday. I was light on posts this week – I set up two comic strips and then forgot to prepare anything for Tuesday & Thursday, and decided not to worry about it.

I came across some G1 TF & Gobot figures and spent a lot of time sorting them out, talking to fellow collectors about them, etc. I have been helping some immediate family with house-related things. I have some anxiety about my apartment and if I want to live here anymore. I’ve not been drawing or editing, or preparing week-daily posts. I’m taking next week off from preparing posts so I will be back the week after with comic strips. I have comic strips & doodles already scanned & edited & ready to go, but I didn’t want to hop on here and work on them because of so much else going on. Usually nothing is going on – is it the pandemic? The vaccine? Are we back to normal?

That’s just how the end of May has turned out, busy with a lot of things between work & drawing. I have an idea for a story-driven comic, like a weekly full page strip, but I want to get the plot down so I know where it goes. I thought I’d post about all that and why there’s nothing new next week. Though, does anyone care? I don’t know, but if you do, thanks.

Here’s some bonus bros, see you @ June 7th-ish.

robros 164

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