run along

mort 255

Hello! How are you? …I took June off from posting. Mostly, i forgot to post. I didn’t draw too much in the last month either. This previous weekend, I drew some comic strips. There’s still a backlog of strips & drawings I need to scan & edit.

HEY, here’s something: I wrote dialog for a comic strip that Hilary Barta drew. He reuses the same art and has some of his writer and cartoonist pals write dialog for it. Hilary’s drawn a lot of stuff over the last, oh, 40 years. I know him from his time on various Simpsons Comics by Bongo – it’s a small part of his long career. Classic artist, classy guy.

Okay, I’ll have posts for this week, and then we’ll see about the rest of July. But thanks for tuning in.

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