another Friday, another Princess Robo, another weekend approaches

princess robo 112

Okay, A. this is the last of the Princess Robo drawings I have scanned & edited so I don’t know how long before I have another group of them. Does anyone care? I don’t know. B. lesson here is that if I draw a character like this in a comic, I’d have to establish how that shield looks “upright” – in this action shot, it’s upside down based on how her arm is positioned. That’s a coffee mug. Did I have to explain it? I feel like I did. But I finished it and scanned it and there you go.

Here’s some bonus bots:

robros 196

Guy in the middle is a theme, one giant wheel protruding from one side, one arm protruding on the other holding a briefcase (specifically!) to balance that out..? Anyway. I like these drawings. Happy Friday!

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