confidence builder

mort 281

I might have just two posts this week – I didn’t get around to editing the few strips I had done recently. I’m out of comic strips right now! I didn’t draw much the last two months. So I have a movie review tomorrow, and that’s it. I have a lot of drawings.

I don’t plan to stop making Mort comic strips, but A. i’ve been a little wiped out and have a few weeks where I’m going to be running around for work a lot in December, and B. I have a project I may have hinted at, that I want to start doing in 2022. So, I may no try to adhere to “five posts a week, three weeks a month” that I did (and didn’t) do in 2021. I still want to adhere to a schedule! But I want it to be good, and also…I want to do it, I just have to do it.

Stop talking about it, and do it!

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