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Happy Monday!

Took a week off of posting & making stuff to get back to work (I took a few calls over the weekend, boo) and sort stuff out at the RwC office. After two comic shows, I had to take stock of the comics and art. Some comics need to be reordered, some need to be edited and then reordered. After all that, thought out loud on what I’ll be doing next with RwC, mostly because RwC Jesse was here in Chicago to hang out for TFcon.

I don’t have a recap for the show, other than if you came by and bought comics and/or art, thank you! I saw some of the IDW TF artists, good bunch of people. My tablemate Grimlockimus wowed people with his custom action figures, he’s amazing. Met a lot of nice people, some of you who visit the site or interact with me & Jesse on twitter, some who are new to RwC and again thanks for stopping by.

I took Jesse around downtown and then we visited Chicago Music Exchange and gawked at some expensive guitars. We hit up some scenic suburbs for a change of pace, after the show. It was great to hang out with him and we even got to see RwC Eric (haven’t seen him since the beginning of the summer).

PLANS for the rest of the year? In my mind. I have to get started on them so that I can have things printed by early February.

Oh, I drew this comic digitally in Krita. Then I re-sized for the web in MS Paint. I just wanted to try it out and see how bad it came out for your screen. Also I didn’t want to fire up another computer to use my old art program and then go back to the computer tied up to the internet. Thanks for tuning in, talk soon.

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