a punchable face (and site & social media updates)

mort 313

First up, for the sake of smartphone & tablet readability, I’m going to try to share strips (particularly 2-panel gags) in a vertical format instead of the usual left to right horizontal regular comic strip. If I reprint them in a comic book, they’ll be horizontal. It’s okay, we’ll get through this. I mean, seriously, there’s no need to even comment on the layout of the strip.

Second thing, I made a few changes to the site. If you click on “Comics,” for instance, you’ll see links that take you to the categories, as I haven’t updated standalone/static pages that list everything in a long time. So anything tagged “Mort Inkingbot” will be featured on this comics page, with the most recent comic strip listed first. Same thing with all the movie & music reviews. I ALSO TOOK THE STORE DOWN. I know.

When Jesse was in town for TFcon, we had a “what’s next for RwC” that revolved mostly around my plans for comics and some things I’ve wanted to do, multi-media-wise (like when we had podcasts, remember that?). These plans do involve Jesse, but the dot com has been my (Paul’s) archive for comics & drawings for a while, and yeah I do hope to get Jesse’s photocomics back on the site when he starts doing them again. Kind of a refresh button, and I have some ideas for the store for my comics and creating a few things and how I plan to go about that. And how we can integrate social media better. Which brings us to

THIRDLY and then a week later a petty billionaire bought the social media app the two of us use the most or have the largest following for each of us independent of each other, and is ripping it apart at its foundation for reasons that us not-billionaires don’t understand other than he must not want his money anymore in addition to ruining that site.

Some people are FLOCKING to other social media that isn’t Facebook or Instagram but also doesn’t connect you to your followers or those you follow in the way that Twitter supposedly did. Or maybe I would know this if I weren’t having trouble hopping on these sites. I may be too old for more apps that DON’T reach people. And I recognize that of the good amount of followers on Twitter, some of them may not actively be seeing what I do on a regular basis. Certainly the engagement doesn’t match the number of “likes” or whatever.

I need to do more research but in the meantime: Can you bookmark Robots With Coffee dot com? Can you write to me at robotswithcoffee @ gmail dot com? Can you follow me on KOFI? You don’t even need to give me money. You don’t HAVE to (wink).

I’m going to make an effort this week to see if it’s worth it being on other social media apps, and also make changes where I can on this site so that it’s easier to promote outside of social media. I’ll admit right now, RwC is a cartooning hobby for me. It’s a fun thing for me to do. I get some support that helps me keep it going every year (and thank you). It’s not a day job. It’s a love of drawing stupid robots that evolved from, and still encourages, friendship with other people who love robot action figures & coffee. I’d hate for one place that I happen to be too active on to disappear and take those connections, friendships that sadly only exist through this medium, with it.

Social Medias: Facebook / Paul’s Instagram / Jesse’s Instagram / Paul’s Twitter / Jesse’s Twitter / RwC YouTube / RwC on KOFI /

Once I get that figured out, I’ll look at the store. Hey, there will be some posts the rest of this week, so that’s something, right?


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