Princess Robo! Kick ’em to the curb!

I’m grateful that the Kickstarter has kept me so busy – I just finished up the sticker sheet as I type this, and will be hopefully finishing up the guest artist paper doll sheets soon. Then if all goes according to plan, mailing out the Kickstarter packages at the end of this week (or, beginning of next week). Then, TFCON!

I’m pretty upset by the ridiculous defense of the Trumpbots out there and the sexism they are institutionalizing. Double standards and hypocrisy and not making connections. The powers that be just want a guy to knock down unions, the ultra religious wants a guy to rip apart any help for those whose actual constitutional rights are being violated, and the President seriously needs a guy to bail him out if and when he’s prosecuted. They all know that this is not the right thing to do. Not the moral thing to do. But they are going full steam ahead. It’s up to a few people who have the power and are being challenged do what is right and not in the best interest of their political party. But you know how these goofballs are. Hopefully the situation is not as terrible as it is as I type.

Happy Thursday?

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