Inktober & some random doodles

I’m gonna try to stick to drawing every day for Inktober, but as you might’ve noticed…I have been drawing almost every day. I try to post something on the dotcom every weekday, including the occasional photocomic by Jesse, and have missed a few here and there. Even with the Kickstarter kickin’ my butt, I managed to get a lot of stuff uploaded and posted.

The above doodle is from Oct 1st, “Poisonous.” Some of you might know how I have been affected by the abuse of alcohol. (And I’ve never had it.) I’ve worked in a bar, too. I could go on. There’s another substance that I don’t care for, but I’d get more unpopular if I tried to get everyone to quit smoking and drinking. Like Henry Rollins said, “Don’t show up for the beating.” I’d rant & rave but will alienate people if I do. I just want people to be okay and make the correlation as to why they don’t bounce back from the vices like they used to.

It’s just a silly drawing.

And you can watch me draw it! Right here!

Here’s some more dopey robots. Happy Friday!

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